Tonight the plan was to go to Body Pump and, if I could leave work on time, go for a run beforehand as I won’t be able to run tomorrow night as I plan on attending a ‘Women in Gear’ evening tomorrow which should tell me everything I need to know about maintaining my car, what to do if I breakdown etc. My left hip has been niggling me somewhat today, probably as a result of the interval training last night. I managed to leave work on time (yay!) and put some biofreeze gel on my troublesome areas hoping it would miraculously fix everything and headed out. I had a 5 miler planned which I did although my Garmin says I did 4.9 miles. The route is one I have done many times before and is a definite 5 miles door to door or, that is at least when your Garmin doesn’t decide to turn itself off mid-way through for no apparent reason. This is the second time this has happened to me, it happened on a run last Thursday night too. It’s not that it’s low on battery so I don’t know whats causing it. When I switch it back on I can quite happily continue on from where it stopped, I’d just like to know what to do to make it not happen again, any suggestions gratefully received.  My legs felt like lead weights going round and although my hip felt OK once I’d warmed up my calves were tired and achey. I think I’m someone  that can be quite heavy footed normally anyway but today I felt like I was really plodding along!

Following my run I headed to my Body Pump class which was good as always plus a couple of friends from work were there too tonight which made it quite fun.

I then went to the supermarket for the third night in a row, well actually I nearly forgot to go, I was almost home by the time I remembered 🙂 I went last night to get a few bits I’d forgotten the night before, two things being eggs and fruit tea, both of which I get through quite a lot of so needed them quite urgently but instead of getting them I came home with things like salted cashew nuts and Green & Blacks chocolate with Almond, what am I like?! I nearly found myself doing the same thing tonight so I had to stay focussed on the job in hand and not all the offers in store. That’s what happens when you shop late at night before your dinner!

So I’m looking forward to a well needed rest for my weary legs tomorrow and Friday night before a long run on Saturday (10-10.5 miles I think) with some of the ladies from Monday nights and then the Chariots of Fire relay on Sunday with people from work, distance I think is 1.7 miles.

Hopefully this ‘Women in Gear’ thing tomorrow night will be worthwhile – I’m a little sceptical as there was mention of some role playing which is certainly not my cup of tea! Wish me luck 🙂

Todays running stats:  

Distance: 4.90 miles (although I know I did 5!)

Time: 44 mins, 51 seconds

Average Pace : 9:09 mins/mile

Max Pace : 7:05 mins/mile