So today was the Chariots of Fire race in Cambridge. The race started at 9:30 which meant I needed to be there by ~9am to meet the rest of my team as I only knew 1 of the other 5 people in my team before today! Our company had 5 teams running and at our Cambridge site we have 4 different buildings with ~500 staff in total which expalins why it’s very easy to not know everyone! I left at 8:30 and parked by my running club as it’s ~0.8 mile from Queens Green where we were meant to meeet and I thought I could jog down and warm-up a bit. Everything went to plan until I went to switch on my Garmin – absolutely no response at all, couldn’t even get it to switch on! Disaster – what was I going to do?! It’s surprsing how reliant you become on these things. As I was short on time I ran to meet everyone and thought I’d figure something out while I was waiting. There were lots of people there and the place was buzzing, great atmosphere. Martin Strain, who had organised our teams had had to be there at 7:30 to complete the registration – bless him! I bet organising the whole thing wasn’t easy and there were a few today who turned up only just in the nick of time, not what you need! He did a great job organising it all and us. We all had the standard large Chariots of Fire t-shirt that everyone gets but he had also organised a navy running type t-shirt for everyone with our work logo on it which we all wore for the race. It’s a pretty nice OK one though, i’ll certainly be wearing mine again – it’ll be especially handy in those Janathon/Juneathon times when you’re getting through your kit at a rapid rate and can’t seem to wash it all quick enough  🙂

I was meant to be running second but things had all changed when I turned up and I was running fourth in our relay race, just glad I wasn’t 1st or last running! I didn’t know either the 3rd or 5th people so I had to figure out who there were so i knew who I was taking/passing the baton from/to 🙂 As there were so many taking part when it was getting near your turn you had to head over to the start line and they had allocated area’s for 1-100, 101-200 etc. They were 420 teams taking part and I was in team 73 – Medi-Marvels. Just to explain – the company I work for is called MedImmune so all the teams were Medi- something! It was a bit chaotic and a bit of a scramble collecting the baton, I made a mental note of the time on the race clock: 38:38 and I was off. I sprinted off which was something I had planned not to do but it’s so hard not to! After a little while I quickly realised I was going to have to slow down a little if I wanted to complete the 1.7 miles. I must admit though without my Garmin I found it difficult as I had no idea how far I’d run or what pace I was doing. There were lots of people along the way cheering you on and I heard one group cheering as I ran by and I smiled to find it was some of my workmates – Ali and Richard, not quite sure who else as I was a bit delayed realising it was them. It was lovely to see them though and it spurred me on a little further. Then I finally came across a 1 mile marker although it did seem like a long 1 mile ( I later found out it was ~1.25miles according to most peoples Garmins!), this meant I had another 0.7 miles to go which seemed quite a lot at this point. Then after another little bit I could see we were coming back to where we’d started which was also the finish line – hurrah! The rest of the Medi teams were there cheering each one of us on as we ran by which gave me the last little bit of encouragement I needed to make it  the next guy I was passing the baton onto who was there waiting for me and raring to go which made it a very easy handover. I checked the race clock on my way in: 50:15 which means I managed 1.7 miles in 11 mins 37 seconds – woo hoo, PB for me! 🙂 Not sure how our Medi teams did in the whole scheme of things – I know we certainly didn’t win as they were some very fast runners there, I think quite a few that were comfortably under 5 minutes/mile (something I can only ever dream of!)  but I know everyone in our teams gave 110% and I think we have raised ~£1000 for charity so a good result all round.

Had to work again this afternoon, thought it would be ~3 hours but I managed all the lab work in 2 and a quarter hours so was pleasantly surprised.

I headed to Body Combat for 6pm not sure if it was going to be a good idea at the time or not but it definitely was! The instructor we had is one I really like, he has loads of energy and gets you working really hard.

Now it’s Sunday night wind down, just had my shower and am now covered in biofreeze – more as a preventative measure than to treat loads of aching muscles. I may indulge in a bit of X factor before tuning in to the new series of Downton Abbey at 9pm, yay, can’t wait! 🙂

Hope you all have a good week 🙂

Todays running stats: 

Distance: ~0.8 miles (warm-up to meet point, no idea on speed/time)

Distance: 1.7 miles relay

Time: 11 mins, 37 seconds

Average Pace : 6:50 mins/mile 🙂