The biofreeze seemed to have done the job – no aching from the running today although my upper body started to seize up as the day went on from Body Combat class last night, d’oh! 🙂 No pain no gain as they say though.

Today was my usual Monday night run with the ladies, I think ~8 of us turned up and we ran out towards Granchester and back clocking up 4.5 miles. It was a nice run and a route we probably won’t get to do much again now on a Monday night with the nights closing in earlier and earlier now.

It’s now less than 3 weeks until the Peterborough half and I’m now on week 10 of my training plan and after last week I’m just about back on track with my training. This week is another 5 runs and 2 strength sessions so as well as tonight’s run I plan on doing the track session tomorrow and then two short-ish runs on Wednesday and Thursday night plus one or two Body Pump/Body Combat classes if I can manage it. All a bit squeezed in I know but I’m away this weekend and out on Friday night which writes off Friday and most likely Saturday for any running 🙂 I’ll then attempt an 11-11.5 miler on Sunday morning as my last long run before the half. It’ll be on my own as I won’t be in Cambridge 😦 Fingers crossed it’ll be a good one and I’ll come back from it feeling really positive!

The team that won the Chariots of Fire were Glassworks Health Club A and it was their 5th year winning apparently. Their team time was 48 mins, 21 seconds!! Our ‘fast’ team came 25th completing it in 1hr 6 mins, 29 seconds – amazing result! 🙂 My team came 93rd completing it in 1hr, 13 mins, 24 seconds. Not a bad result considering 420 teams were meant to be participating.  Think I forgot to mention I heard/saw a couple of famous people at the event yesterday – Duncan Goodhew gave a speech and sounded the horn to start things off (couldn’t see him but could hear him) and Rory McGrath was taking part in the relay – he was passing the baton to someone very close to me while I was waiting for the baton. Apparently Lady Archer also took part but I didn’t see her.

Today’s running stats:

Distance: 4.51 miles
Time taken: 00:44:10
Average/Max Speed : 6.13/10.18 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:48/00:05:53
Calories: 508