So after feeling OK yesterday I, maybe stupidly, didn’t use any biofreeze following last nights run and then woke up feeling a tad achey today, d’oh! My left hip today feels like it almost needs to click if that makes any sense and as the day went on I started getting a sharp intermittent pain in my left lower leg. I still went to the track session and thought I would see how I felt running on it. Running on it didn’t feel like it made a difference to it so I did the session. We ran 800m round the track to warm up and then did a load of drills with Alan the coach before starting the track session. The track session tonight was 4 x 1000m with 5 minute recoveries so, not great but not too bad either. Then at the end Alan made us do another 1000m followed by a recovery and then a 200m sprint to finish off, I was not impressed! I must say however I do think the track sessions are helping, they’re definitely helping my speed and knowing I can push myself that bit further too which I wouldn’t have probably felt comfortable doing before. For the warm down we ran barefoot around the track twice (800m) which is something I really like doing – I find it quite therapeutic on my feet. It started raining towards the end of the session so I came home and jumped straight in a hot shower before I cooled down too much. I’ve covered myself in biofreeze as I don’t want to make the same mistake as last night plus ideally I could do with heading out for a little run tomorrow night – I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow, it might be that I need to take a night off from running and head out on Thursday instead, I’m definitely going to at least try and go to Body Pump though 🙂

Today’s running stats:







Tue 20 0.59 mi 0:05:12 0:08:48 6.8 65
Tue 20 0.65 mi 0:04:40 0:07:10 8.4 71
Tue 20 0.64 mi 0:04:32 0:07:04 8.5 69
Tue 20 0.64 mi 0:04:32 0:07:05 8.5 69
Tue 20 0.63 mi 0:04:35 0:07:13 8.3 69
Tue 20 0.64 mi 0:04:31 0:07:03 8.5 69
Tue 20 0.13 mi 0:00:42 0:05:31 10.9 10
Tue 20 0.52 mi 0:04:59 0:09:38 6.2 57