Feeling a lot better today after a fairly decent nights sleep 🙂

What a horrid, horrid night and morning it was weather-wise though and not just here, all over the place by all accounts and significantly worse in other parts too. My internet connection has been pretty terrible all day today, probably due to the weather. I’m still on my Christmas holidays 🙂 and not returning to work until next Monday so I am still in Leamington this week at my parents, going back to Cambridge at the weekend. This means I have no access to a gym and with my Janathon plans I made – walking a minimum of 2 miles per day every day of January  – I did wonder a little this morning just what I was going to do! Luckily for me by lunchtime things were looking a lot calmer and my walk outside today a lot more doable!

As I’m home this week it’s also a great chance for me to spend some time with my nephew Caolan and see some of the things he gets up to on a daily basis which I don’t usually get to see. Today was his weekly swimming lesson which he just loves 🙂 We went round to Claire’s and walked round to the pool from there, I didn’t count this as my walk for today though as firstly it was more a saunter really with a lot of stops starts and secondly I want my daily walk/exercise for Janathon to be separate from any normal everyday activity that I do. My sister went into the pool with Caolan while Mum and I watched from the side. Even though most are young babies, all under 12 months I’d say, the ‘lesson’ was fairly well structured and the swimming teacher appeared to have very good time management in what I imagine could be a very chaotic situation with all those babies! They all seemed to love it and I came away thinking what a great opportunity it is for babies to be getting familiar with the water. I learnt to swim at the age of 4 and used to think that was fairly young – not anymore! Caolan’s been going since he was 10 weeks old and is really at ease in the water now. I was hoping to upload a pic of him today in the water but for some reason it won’t upload 😦

Once we got back from Claire’s I headed out for a brisk-ish walk before dinner and walked 3.42 miles in 51 minutes so, so far so good. I have been seeing a lot of runners whilst out on my walks these last few days and am somewhat envious of them and can’t help thinking that for the same time I’m out walking how many miles I could have done had I been running!