Hey! Late post from me today…nearly forgot to do it!

Wow, I saw ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo’ last night with my sister – what a film. Having not yet read the book my sister tried to prep me a little beforehand. Definitely the kind of thing that plays on your mind afterwards. Both my sister and I are known for our overactive imaginations but luckily neither of us had any nightmares last night following the film, I did have a lot of vivid dreams but no scary ones.

I did the leg challenge earlier on today and then my daily walk this evening. I set off just after 7:30 tonight and walked 3.81 miles in just under 59 minutes.

It’s felt like a a busy day today and not really sure where the time’s gone but it time for bed now that’s for sure…will have to catch up on everyone’s blogs tomorrow. Back to Cambridge tomorrow and work on Monday after 2 weeks off!

Janathon stats:

7/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 3/4

Janathon miles walked so far: 22.6