Boy, did I not want to go for a walk when I got in tonight! I came home with a raging headache, hungry, tired and cold, thinking  why oh why did I make a pact to do a minimum of 2 miles/day (which I know isn’t actually a lot :-)) but I did make the pact to myself so there was nothing for it but to get out and do it. I wrapped up warm, put my trainers on and headed off. Have to say happily it turned out to not be the worst thing after all and I did 2.05 miles in just over 33 minutes, admitedly more of a leisurely jaunt than some other days but hey ho I got out there and that’s the main thing. I got in and quickly did the leg challenge before I had time to think about it and change my mind!

Off for some tea now and hopefully catch up on a few blogs before heading for an early night 🙂

Janathon stats:

9/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 1/4 of week 2

Janathon miles walked so far: 26.6