Have to say I’ve been reading some great blogs during Janathon so far, all sorts – funny ones, sad ones, heartfelt ones, sporty ones, they’re all on there and that’s one of the things I love about the ‘athon’s! I could reference a few but there are way too many to choose from plus I’m a bit rubbish on my computer so it would probably take me forever! Got a bit distracted reading them tonight, hence the late post 🙂

Today I went for a walk again around the Science Park I work at and walked 2.57 miles in just over 36 minutes. It was a lovely day for a walk with the sun shining, it’s certainly a lot colder today though, I had to de-ice my car on the way in this morning and I could still feel a nip in the air when I was out walking this afternoon. Just completed day 4 of the leg challenge for week 2 – I stuck at the level I was already at today in the end, may up it in week 3 instead.

My housemate offered me a peanut butter and double chocolate cookie last night over a cup of tea and I very nearly gave in and had it – it looked yummy! I just knew though if I did that would be it and I’d probably end up devouring everything yummy in site so I resisted but only just!

Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

Janathon stats:

13/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 4/4 of week 2

Janathon miles walked so far: 35.9