Today’s walk was a case of just getting it done and in and around all the other things I needed to do today. I headed out aorund midday and did 4.13 miles in 1hr. Still cold today but a lot milder than yesterday, ideal temperature for a run I’d say. I saw lots of people out either walking, cycling or running today and must admit  the green eyed monster came out in me a bit as I watched the runneras go by 😦 I do feel a lot better for doing the walking every day than I did before Christmas just being a couch potato but for me walking just doesn’t have the same appeal as a good run does, can’t wait to be given the all clear to go running again. Plus, for the amount of time I’ve spent walking I could have clocked up some pretty decent miles had i spent that same time running. When I started out with the walking at the beginning of January I thought I would work on my speed and see how much time I could shave off per mile over the course of the month. This started off pretty well as my pace started ~16mins/mile and has steadily decreased to ~13-14 mins/mile where I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau. I occasionally hit btween 12-13 min/mile during my walks but not enough to the point that that pace takes over as my consistent new pace. Maybe that’s just as fast as I can go, I don’t know…I’m still going to try and improve further on it over the next couple of weeks if for no other reason than to lessen the time I spend out walking! 

Janathon stats:

15/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 4/4 of week 2

Janathon miles walked so far: 44.2