Not much to report today, didn’t manage a midday walk so had to go tonight in the cold and the dark and boy did it feel cold, brrrrr. Did ~3.5 miles in ~50 minutes, can’t be any more accurate as my Garmin has gone on the blink again, not happy! I’ve manually loaded it onto running free for now and will re-load it properly tomorrow if my Garmin decides to play ball. It’s been one of those nights tonight where the house just doesn’t seem to get warm no matter how high you have the heating, just done the leg challenge for today though which did help me to warm up somewhat. Not minding level 1 of the leg challenge so far and actually thinking I should have probably been doing that level all along, aah well! 🙂

Saw the consultant about my collar bone again today, still not much to report, CT scan just seemed to confirm findings from MRI. Have to have a fully body bone scan and more blood tests. Had the blood tests today – what a nightmare they were, I was there for about an hour! Admittedly, I have been told in the past when donating blood that it often diffcult to find a vein but today was something else! I told the nurse my situtation and that my left arm was best to try – she couldn’t draw any blood whatsoever so had to call the doctor. The doctor then tried my other arm and managed to get halfway through the 2nd tube before she had to give up on that arm. She still had another 2 tubes to fill..eek! Eventually she collected the last drip for the 4th tube after what felt like forever! I’m not the best with needles as it is so it certainly wasn’t my favourite thing I did today that’s for sure!

Janathon stats:

17/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 2/4 of week 3 (level 1!)

Janathon miles walked so far: ~51.1