Got a bit of a fright this morning as my hairdryer sort of blew up on me mid hairdrying, it made this massive bang and started smoking! I quickly unplugged it and put it outside before it did anything else. Luckily my housemate Sarah lent me her hairdryer, would have had to have gone to work having a very bad hairday otherwise! 🙂

After plugging my Garmin in all night it still showed just a blank screen so I took it to work with me and plugged it in there in the vague hope it might sort itself out and it did. 🙂 As a result I decided to utilise my lunchbreak again and went for quick walk while it was relatively dry, as it’s been a bit of a drizzly day here, and clocked up 2.66 miles in just under 39 minutes. When I got back tonight I went for a further short walk of 1.31 miles in just over 20 minutes. Managed to load my Garmin onto my computer tonight and checked on yesterdays walk and I actually did 3.58 miles, have loaded that onto running free now and removed my manual upload from yesterday. It’s one of my day off’s from the leg challenge today, yay! 🙂

We had a staff meeting at work today and to celebrate a project going particularly well there was champagne and pastries afterwards. I didn’t have any champagne as officially I don’t have any alcohol drinking days left this month 😦 but I did have a muffin that had lemon curd in the middle – it was delicious! I know I said ‘…I would not allow myself any chocolate, biscuits, cakes, crisps or any other generally yummy foods (occasional dessert allowed, say on a Sunday)…’ but in my defense I haven’t had anything at all until now – not even the occasional dessert like I said I would so I kind of figured maybe this could count as one of those? 🙂

Going to try and get an early night tonight if I can as I’ve been feeling wiped today and really tired. Hopefully I’ll wake up feeling all refreshed tomorrow…or something like that 🙂

Janathon stats:

18/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): 2/4 of week 3 (level 1!)

Janathon miles walked so far: 55.1