So today being the last day of Janathon what do I do? Only leave my blinking Garmin at home (as well as my mobile and several other useful things I could have done with!) meaning no walk at lunchtime  and I was going to have to do my last walk all in one go once I got home from work. I had 3.5 miles left to go to reach my target of 100 miles walked this month and a bloody freezing night for it, it was reading -1.5°C in my car on the way home….brrrr…not great! I headed out as soon as I got back and it wasn’t long before my bum and thighs had gone numb with the cold! I did it though, I managed my 3.54 miles in just over 52 minutes and met my 100 mile target for walking this month, yay! I did day 2 of the leg challenge when I got back and am writing this now still with very cold thighs and butt! I’ve just checked out #FitTeam12 February Challenge and not sure I’ll be able to partake in it all, I’ll have to see. In February the leg challenge continues but only on a Wednesday, as does the no/limited drinking challenge (and will for the rest of the year apparently!) plus 2 more challenges 1) to drink more water with 3 levels again ranging from 1.5 – 3L a day and 2) the press-up challenge to be done on Mondays and Fridays starting with 1, stand up, 2, etc. with your chest touching the floor each time or at least getting very close to it (!) and see how many you can do – aim is to get to 10. The water challenge should be fine as I’ve been trying to drink more this month anyway as will the leg challenge. Not so sure about the drinking challenge as I didn’t do that well on it this month, we’ll see! Hesitant about the push-ups because of my right collar bone trouble but may substitute it for something else.

Big well done to everyone who’s completed Janathon and hope you all enjoy a well deserved rest tomorrow, I know I will! Thanks to everyone for your comments this month and helping to motivate me along the way. Maybe see you again in June for Juneathon? Hopefully I’ll be back running by then 🙂

Janathon stats:

31/31 days walked

Leg challenge (per week): Completed all required days for January

Janathon miles walked: 100.1 🙂