Well hello there! šŸ™‚

It’s been a while I know, I’ve not done any ‘anthoning since beginning of 2012 and just looking back I notice I last blogged on 31st Jan 2012! Most of this is due to injury – nothing new to what I had when I was last blogging, just had to take some time out as a result and only now trying to get my fitness back and boy is it hard when you stop for a while!!

Been toying with the idea of Juneathon for a couple of weeks but left it right until the last minute to sign up – did it this morning!

I’m still not running properly, able to do 2-3 miles but then start to get pain in my left hip. My first approach to tackle this was to just try and run through it, didn’t work unfortunately so now I’m trying not to push it and my new tactic is to build my overall strength and then try and push the running again, maybe I’ll have better luck that way. That means for me lots of body combat classes plus I’ve started doing reformer pilates which should help too and I’ve being doing soca skip classes since March which I love!

I’ve decided Juneathon for me this time will mean exercising everyday plus running a minimum of 1 mile per day (if possible) hopefully being able to run 5K in a good time by the end of Juneathon.

So today I did the following:

1 x Body Combat Class (1hr)

1.03 miles on the treadmill in 10 mins, 7 secs (9:45mins/mile)

Happy Juneathoning everyone! šŸ™‚