Went home to see my parents this weekend and generally catch up with family and didn’t end up getting back to Cambridge until 8:30 tonight with no Juneathon activity done! I had thought I might do a body combat class but it was on at 6pm and I didn’t fancy rushing back for it plus with it being such a lovely day I thought it might be nicer to do something outside so I headed out on my bike after I’d pumped both my tyres up – shows how long it is since I was last out on it! 🙂 I cycled just under 6 miles and really enjoyed it, it was lovely being out that time of the evening. I then popped by the gym to do my minimum 1 mile running per day and did 1.38 miles so not too bad all in all. Hope this nice weather continues 🙂

Today’s Juneathon activity:

5.71 miles cycling in 23 mins, 21 secs (Av 14.7mph)

1.38 miles running on the treadmill in 13 mins, 1 sec (Av pace: 9:23 mins/mile)