I thought I had my Juneathon efforts all panned for today until a flat tyre threw a spanner in the works – my original plan consisted of going to reformer pilates from 18:30-19:30, cycling to the gym and do my obligatory 1 mile run on the treadmill before cycling home, job done 🙂 My plans went a bit awry when I got back from pilates only to find my front bike tyre flat as a pancake and after I only pumped it up last night, not a good sign:-( This meant I couldn’t take advantage of the lovely weather on my bike tonight but I decided to do my run outside instead so all was not lost.

I started reformer pilates back in March – I purchased some cheap introductory classes as part of a livingsocial deal as did my housemate as it was just up the road from us and we had both been told we should really be doing some pilates on a regular basis to help our injuries and to try and remain injury free. Never really been a big pilates fan I must admit until I started these classes. Instead of being mat based you use a machine, a reformer, where pulleys and springs create resistance. I find the moves a whole lot easier using this machine and that I get a lot more from it than mat based pilates. It’s also good as there’s only 6 machines so always a small class. I now try and go at least once a week if I can.

Tomorrow I’ll need to get my tyre fixed as a priority as I don’t want this weather to pass and me not have got out in it as much as possible 🙂

I have to say it’s taken me a while to figure out all the blogging and logging malarkey again as it’s been that long, just about getting there now I think  – should have a bit more time now to try and catch up on people’s posts 🙂

So tonight’s efforts consisted of:

1 hour reformer pilates

1.15 mile run outside in 10 mins, 33 secs ( Av pace 9:11/mile)