So today is Soca Skip day 🙂

I started Soca Skip classes back in March, again as some introductory classes bought as a Living Social deal and as where the classes are held is only 1 mile from our house it seemed worth trying. This is another venture I did with my housemate  Sarah – I had to persuade her  a little bit for this one. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first went and I had to go on my own as Sarah couldn’t make it. I won’t lie I found (and still find!) the 1st class really hard.  Classes are run by a guy named Fronzie and  typically consist of a warm-up followed by a round of skipping anything from ~3-8 mins long (all kinds of skipping – forwards and back, one knee up, criss cross etc.) then push-ups, sit-ups and some kind of lunges usually and all this repeated another 2 x followed by lots of really intense but good stretching at the end. This is all to Carnival music from the Caribbean. The skipping is always varied and so are the way we do the push-ups/sit-ups/lunges plus the stretching. Having not skipped since I was a child I found it pretty hard (and still do!). I came back from the first class bright red, dripping and not sure whether I was coming or going! Classes are every Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30 so after that 1st class I knew whether I liked it or not I had to return the following day, on the Thursday, otherwise it would be unlikely that I’d go again and since then I’ve been hooked. I go every Wednesday and Thursday if I can. It’s a really high intensity workout and I come away dripping in sweat every single class but it’s great fun and something completely different plus the stretching you do is amazing, never done anything like it. I still can’t skip very well at all and seem to double skip all the time, I guess it’s something I’ve carried forward from being a child but I laugh lots and the people are all really nice so that’s got to be good for me, right?

As I am fully aware by now the impact that Soca Skip has on me I knew if I didn’t go for a run before the class I certainly wouldn’t end up doing it after so I raced round to the gym on my way to Soca Skip and ran a mile on the treadmill, it was easier than last night at least tonight  so i must have just been tired yesterday 🙂

Felt surprising well today, didn’t expect to – after posting my blog last night Sarah asked if I’d like to have a glass of wine with her, I thought yeah, one glass would be OK….a bottle later and on a school night I wasn’t so sure 😉 It was lovely wine though and I had a nice unwind, made sure I had some water on the way to bed. Long hot soak in the bath for me now ready for another Soca Skip class tomorrow 🙂  Really must get tyre fixed tomorrow, didn’t finish on time today, should have time over lunch to do it tomorrow though I reckon.

Day 5 activity:

1 hour Soca Skip Class

1.01 miles on the treadmill in 9 mins, 38 secs.