Arghh!!!That’s what I felt like shouting at about 5:30 tonight or words to that effect and more precisely at 5:26! I brought my front wheel of my bike to the bike shop at lunchtime to get it fixed and they said it would take an hour, i had to get back to work so I said I’d pop back later. I left work early, just after 5 to get there on time before it shut (yeah right!) and arrived there at 5:26 to find it all locked up and it looked like it had been that way for a bit even thought it says it closes at 5:30, I was not happy!

One positive thing was I noticed while I was there they open at 8:30 so I should be able to go on my way to work to pick it up as long as they actually do open at 8:30 and not say 8:50, I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, as my housemate Sarah said I actually left work early –  on time can be a rarity for me so early is very good!

Anyway, enough of that. Tonight was Soca Skip again and with that in mind I figured I needed to get my run done ahead of the class. Realised when I got home I must have left my phone at work (prob as I was in such a rush ;-)) so this meant I needed to do my run outside and use my Garmin instead of heading to the gym and taking a photo on my phone of my stats on the treadmill which I usually do. I headed out ~7pm and I have to say I really enjoyed my run tonight – it was still only a mile but it was a beautiful evening and the route I took led me in and out of the shade in a perfect way for a hot day, I felt really good – haven’t felt like from running for what feels like forever, yay! 🙂

Then it was off to Soca Skip with my housemate Sarah for more of the same as last night. Lots more people showed up tonight so it was a pretty full class. Think I saw Fronzie taking some photo’s at points during the class which I wasn’t so sure about, just hope they don’t show up anywhere, I certainly do not look my best during Soca Skip! It was another fab class with some great stretching at the end.

Friday tomorrow, nearly the weekend, yay! Think I may head out for a bike ride tomorrow night if the weather’s still nice and obviously the obligatory 1 mile run.

Day 6 Juneathon effort:

1 x 1hr Soca Skip Class

1.13 miles run outside in 10 mins, 34 secs (Av. pace: 9:23/mile)