We’re weary, weary, weary my legs shouted at me tonight as I took them out on a bike ride. It was one of those evenings where the mind was very willing but the body not so much. So my bike ride was more of a meander tonight and not particularly speedy but still pleasant enough although it was pretty windy, not sure quite when that happened as it had been a really still day but it didn’t help I can tell you that especially as whatever direction I was going in seemed to be against it! I could feel the burn in my thighs from pretty much the start and kept thinking I still need to run a mile after this…eeek! I pootled on though and racked up just over 19 miles. I got back and put my bike away quickly before heading out again for my run as I knew if I dilly-dallied I most certainly wouldn’t go! I did all that was required in terms of my Juneathon aims – a mile per day and left it at that. I won’t lie that was tough enough too but hey it’s done. I’ve since had a long hot soak hoping it’ll ease my tired body ready for tomorrow again 😉 and a yummy tea – mackeral and egg salad so am feeling somewhat restored.

Apart from my weary body I’m really enjoying this Juneathon and really glad to be ‘athoning again. Since I started the ‘athons in  January 2011 I don’t feel quite right when I don’t end up taking part in one for whatever reason. I just have to make sure to pace myself and not get to competitive (with myself!) as it’s difficult to not get carried away 😉 I’ve had lovely comments and feedback from people so far so thank you all, it’s very encouraging and really motivates me to keep going 🙂

Day 7 Stats:

19.31 miles in 1 hr, 27 secs (Av. pace: 13.2 mph)

1.15 miles run outside in 10 mins, 34 secs (Av. pace: 9:13/mile)

Stats so far:

Running: 7.88 miles

Biking: 25.02 miles

2 x 1 hr Body Combat Classes

1 x 1hr Reformer Pilates

2 x 1hr Soca Skip Classes