What a day!

I ended up having my lunch at 11am today which is very early for me, I wouldn’t usually go for lunch before 1pm but today it was the only chance I had because of various meetings, interviews and training from 11:30 onwards and as you can imagine I was pretty hungry by the afternoon! 😉  I attended two bite size training courses titled ‘Managing Your Development’ and ‘Managing Your Manager’ run by Michael Heath. There were put on for free and just 1.5 hours each as part of a learning initiative at work. Both sounded quite interesting and I love the way Michael Heath delivers training courses so I signed up pretty quick. Then when I got there today they had a tombola, £1 for 5 tickets. I had no money on me so had to do an IOU and ended up winning a book by Micheal Heath – The Fit Mentor, who then signed it for me 🙂

I started work early today, just after 8 so that I could leave at 4:45 to go to the cinema for 5pm to see The Great Gatsby. I had 2 tickets at a reduced rate as part of another Living Social deal so I asked Emma from work. Have to say I really enjoyed the film, I thought it was amazing. It was still light when we came out though which felt a little bizarre although it shouldn’t have really as it was only 19:40,  have to say I felt a bit dazed too. I headed home to do my run and followed it with a cyle afterwards. I ran 1.5miles and  cycled just over 5miles. It was a beautiful evening especially after what felt like quite a dull, chilly day.

So all in all a busy but good day especially for a Monday 😉

Day 10 Stats:

1.50 miles run outside in 13 mins, 42 secs ( Av. pace: 9:07 / mile)

5.19 miles cycled in 23 mins, 34 secs (Av. pace: 13.2 mph)