I managed the early get up and thus go for my run before work, yay! 🙂 My alarm went off just after 6 and after 1 snooze I managed to drag myself out of bed. I set off on my run by 6:30, it didn’t look like it had rained overnight but was still very windy and looking like it might (hopefully not later when I’m at Thetford Forest seeing James :-)). I saw 4 other runners out so it must be quite a popular time for people. I felt pretty empty on my run this morning, like I didn’t have enough energy reserves – think it must be as I didn’t end up eating all that much yesterday due to being busy. I still racked up 2.75 miles in just under 27 minutes so am happy enough with that. And, as tired as my body felt on the way round it’s certainly a nice feeling now to have it done! 🙂

Will have to log it on running free later tonight as I don’t have my Garmin software on this computer.

Hope everyone’s still going strong (or at the very least still going!), nearly halfway 🙂

Day 13 Stats:

2.75 miles run in 26 minutes, 58 seconds (Av. pace: 9:46 / mile)