Halfway there folks 🙂

This morning I was booked in for Body Combat at 9am and also Reformer Pilates at 10:15.  I figured it was best to try and do my run before Body Combat rather than after Pilates. I got up ~7:30 and headed out on my run shortly afterwards. It was a beautiful morning, still breezy but it had clearly rained overnight which made everything feel a lot fresher. Another enjoyable run and I did just over 3 miles  in just over 29 minutes so not too bad 🙂 I then went onto Body Combat which seemed to consisit of some deifferent but very high energy routines, needless to say I came out of it very sweaty! It was a great class though, lots of fun. Pilates was after and I felt like I’d not been for a while as I couldn’t make it on Monday, it’s the kind of class thought that whenever you go you realise how much you love it and you always make a promise to yourself that you’re definitely going to go more often, today was another one of those days 🙂 Other than my Juneathon efforts it’s been a bit of a getting jobs done day for me and getting ready for tomorrow – my housemate and I are going to Champneys in Henlow for a Spa day and we cannot wait, we’re so excited!! 🙂

Day 15 Stats:

3.06 miles run outside in 29 mins, 7 seconds (Av. pace: 9:31 / mile)

Body Combat Class (1hr)

Reformer Pilates (1hr)

Juneathon Stats so far: 

Running: 26.1 miles

Biking: 48 miles

4 x 1 hr Body Combat Classes

2 x 1hr Reformer Pilates

3 x 1hr Soca Skip Classes