So I left work on time again tonight planning to go for a bike ride and then my run before Soca Skip. As I left work though it was raining, I hadn’t realised this was the case either until I left the building, I was not best pleased. I cycled 6.37 miles in just over 26 minutes. I had planned to do more but to be honest it was pretty miserable out plus quite windy so I left it at that. I don’t mind running in the rain, I actually quite like it but wind and rain on the bike are not a good combo. I headed out for my run and didn’t get on too well there either – it felt all disjointed, almost like my legs didn’t feel properly attached to my body, making it very difficult to find any kind of rhythm. The last mile got a bit better as a decent track came on my iPod which spurred me on for the last bit, thank goodness! Then for the grand finale, it was time for Soca Skip! It was a great class, as always, and definitely my favourite of the 3 activities today. 🙂

Tomorrow night we’re off out to celebrate my housemates birthday, which was in May but she had some serious root canal issues at the time so this part of the celebrations got postponed. We’re off to d’Arry’s in Cambridge which is one of my favourite restaurants and we have a private room – I can’t wait 🙂 The table is booked for 6:30 with drinks from 4:30 though so that means it’s going to have to be another run before work day tomorrow, fingers crossed the weathers a bit better by the a.m. and that my legs are back to their normal selves 😉

Day 27 Stats:

6.37 miles cycled in 26 minutes, 10 seconds (Av. speed: 14.6 mph)

4.23 miles run outside in 37 minutes, 51 seconds (Av. pace: 8:57  / mile)

1 x Soca Skip Class (1hr)