Have to say this mornings run was quite a chore 😦 I got up and out for 6:20, it was perfect weather conditions for me for runnning – fresh and dry and not too windy, it had clearly rained a fair bit overnight freshening things up, just shame about my legs – they were having none of it! I put various things on my iPod to try and get me going – Rudimental (Home), Daft Punk (Random Access Memories) and others before finally settling on LCD Soundsystem (Someone Great). I had tired legs and could feel the burn and there wasn’t really a lot I could do about it apart from keep on plodding on, which I did – Plod along Jen, that was me this morning! It’s probably not too surprising at this stage in the game but I actaully think it’s more as a result of Soca Skip last night than 27 days continuous exercise! Fronzie had us doing these double squat things that by the end my thighs were seriously burning and we also did these lunges where you stay down in the lunge position and rock forward and back on your back leg, these were also a killer, my legs felt on fire after these! Plus it was the second night in a row doing these exercises so I think it’s taken it’s toll. Anyhoo’s I plodded on and managed just over 4 miles and now I can have a long-ish rest until tomorrow, hopefully I will be feeling refreshed by then and not severely hungover! 😉

Day 28 Stats:

4.24 miles run (plodded) outside in 40 minutes, 11 seconds (Av. pace: 9:28 / mile)