Well I certainly struggled to get going this morning! Had a fab night last night celebrating my housemates birthday – maybe a bit too good a night, we got home and headed to bed ~2am, I think! 😉 Food was great and lots of alcohol flowing all night, all great fun though. Tried to drink lots of water during the evening to try and combat the effects of the alcohol and had 2 further pints of water before bed but still woke with a very dry mouth! Had thought I might follow my usual combo of run then body combat then pilates – changed my mind quite rapidly this morning re. the run! Got up and out just after 8:30, I decided it might be best to cycle rather than drive to body combat in case I was still over the limit. Set off on my way only to realise I’d left my water bottle by the shed in the garden, d’oh, probably one of the few times I really needed it too! Had a few shakey moments during the class but survived it and then made my way to pilates, again survived  it but probably not my best effort that’s for sure 🙂 I cycled home having clocked up ~8 miles toing and froing from place to place to find some pork and leek sausages waiting for me, yummy! I added scrambled eggs and tomatoes and a couple of pints of water and started to feel a little improved, just a little mind you! I then headed off for the cycle ride I’d planned for today and did just over 11 miles, it was lovely weather for it so quite enjoyable all things considered. I came back and pootled around the garden for a bit just doing a bit of weeding etc. before heading off home to Leamington to see my parents/sister and family. I had already agreed to go for a few drinks with my sister and her husband tonight in my merry state last night, was thinking better of it today! I got back and still had my run to do. We had Claire and her son, Caolan, for tea which usually means an early tea as he’s only 2 so I was in a bit of a quandry as to what to do – go for my run before or after dinner as it was also pretty hot here so not great for a run. They were at a farm when I got back so I had time to squeeze it in – really didn’t feel like it but made myself go. It was ~4:45 so still pretty hot, luckily the route I went was quite well shaded apart from a few bits, it was still pretty tough though and I had the feeling that I wanted to stop for pretty much all of it! I struggled on though and manged my 4 miles so was pleased with that. I’d brought home my hula hoop I’d purchased the other week to show my nephew, Caolan, as he’s quite interested in well pretty much everything and anything right now so I thought it might be a winner and it was! I was definitely better than last time and did a solid 15 minutes so was pretty chuffed with that. Was umming and aahing about drinks tonight but ended up going in the end and had a lovely time with Claire and Dan, had 2 Peroni’s and 2 G&T’s though which is significantly less than last night but still significantly more than I was intending tonight so fingers crossed I’ll be OK in the a.m 😉 Tomorrow we’re all off to Yorkshire to celebrate my Grandma’s 93rd birthday – what an achievement! Looking forward to it but it will mean I’ll have to do my exercise in the morning before I go…eek! Last day though, woo hoo!

Day 29 Stats:

4 miles cycled in 17 minutes, 40 seconds (Av. speed: 13.6 mph)

1 x Body Combat Class (1hr)

1.84 miles cycled in 8 minutes, 4 seconds (Av. speed: 13.7 mph)

1 x Reformer Pilates Class (1hr)

2.19 miles cycled in 10 minutes (Av. speed: 13.1 mph)

11.31 miles cycled in 49 minutes, 55 seconds (Av. speed: 13.6 mph)

4.06 miles run outside in 38 minutes, 8 seconds (Av. pace: 9:23 /mile)

15 minutes Hula Hooping (:-))