Happy New Year!

So I decided to sign up for Janathon  in the end 🙂 and as I was at my parents today and there was a parkrun on I decided to give it a go. It was the Leamington parkrun and not one I’d tried before and only my 3rd parkrun! It started at 10am which was nice rather than the usual 9am which meant a little lie in 🙂 I knew the weather wasn’t meant to be great today but crikey I was still surprised by it. I could hear the wind howling through the house before I’d even got up which wasn’t that motivating I can tell you. So I got myself ready putting on one of my oldest pairs of trainers prepared for them to be wrecked and headed off on my way. There was a pretty good turn out for New Years Day plus the miserable weather. Everyone seemed very friendly and happy to talk about the course. Not sure this was such a great idea hearing things like ‘This ones really hilly, I think anyway compared to the one I normally do…’ and ‘…we run round the outskirts of the football pitches and then on up behind the golf course…’ The first comment surprised me a bit as I’ve never really considered Leamington as being particularly hilly and I have done a fair few runs there however during the course of the parkrun it started to dawn on me that maybe I hadn’t really encountered many hills before was due to my careful route planning! And as for the the second comment, bearing in mind the dreadful weather I’d mentioned, the football pitches were looking pretty muddy to me!

So how did I find it? Very wet, windy and muddy! The first half was definitely harder than the second half, first off you had to run round the football pitches which for me who’s a bit of a bambi in terms of easily falls over right left and center, so add mud to this, not great, although no falling for me today 🙂 I then started to see this horrendous looking hill in view and asked if that was the only hill or where there more. I was assured this was it and it wasn’t that bad  – not sure I fully agree! I somehow got to the top though and then up a bit more and a couple more up bits before finally starting to come downhill again which was lovely and there were no more uphills after this. I was a bit worried on the way back thinking I’d have to run round all the football pitches again but no, we just had a small bit at the finish to do on the football pitch and I’d have to say I really enjoyed the finish for this reason 🙂 All in all I would say I did enjoy it and the hilly bit isn’t that bad really, I think it was more that I wasn’t expecting it. I would definitely do it again, everyone was really friendly and it was a great crowd to run with.

I was very glad to be able to get into a hot bath afterwards to warm up and clean all the mud off though!

Day 1 Stats:

3.11 mile parkrun 26:48  (Av. pace: 8:36 mins/miles)