Thank Crunchie it’s Friday that’s all I can say!

Could have stayed in bed this morning and was feeling in the mood for a duvet day 😉 But alas it was not to be instead I had to go to work 😦 Work was was work, meh, and it looked like a pretty miserable day from the office, luckily I didn’t have to venture out until I left to go home. We had an almighty hail storm plus some thunder and lightnening late morning and it got very dark but it didn’t last long and then seemed to brighten up a bit, the wind is howling again tonight though.

I decided to do a class at the gym tonight – when things are going to plan I typically go to 4-5 classes a week, however in the run up to my half at the end of November I laid off the classes a little to make sure I didn’t overdo it too much. Then I had hip bursitis following my half (from probably overdoing it) so was out of action for a week or so and then it was December – a month of festivities and overindulgences plus trying to also manage a busy workload so the classes and the running went out the window, I think at most I did a total of 4 runs in December and 3 classes! But before everything went out the window my fitness level was the best it’s been for a long long time so I figured a month of not doing much, in terms of exercise, and scoffing my face plus drinking more than usual wouldn’t have that much effect, I’d be OK, able to take off where I’d left off, boy was I wrong! The class I went to was a circuits class which I love (usually), however tonight I’m feeling a little broken, my arms are feeling quite jellyish just writing this 😉 I left my run until after the class, big mistake, should have deifintely done it before! I managed a mile on the treadmill beofre calling it a day. I had only planned to do a short run anayway, hoping for~2miles which I could have done but probably not without consequences!  I need to still be able to run this weekend and not knowing how I’ll feel tomorrow after the circuits class wearing my sensible hat again I decided to stop and head home for a long hot soak instead (which was lovely 🙂 )

Day 3 Stats:

1 hour Circuits class

1 mile run on treadmill in 8 mins, 55 seconds  (Average pace: 8:52 mins/mile)