This morning started with the first long-ish run of the year. I had to defrost the car before heading over to Julie’s for ~9 and we set off from there. It was a cold morning, 2 degrees Celsius which is a lot cooler than it’s been recently. We had a lovely run long by the river and back and clocked up a respectable 7.25miles so we’re getting back on track with the training plan. We saw lots of other runners out too as it was ideal conditions for any runner so it was good to be able to be taking advantage of it and not let the day slip by without a run.  It was great to be running again with Julie, I think (hope she does too!) that we run pretty well together and it’s always nice to find someone like that and that you can have a good old chinwag with at the same time is a brucey bonus! It wasn’t our fastest but we both found it challenging enough nontheless so all in all a great start to the day 🙂

I decided today was the day I was going to sort our some trail shoes and get my gait checked…again! I ended up spending 2 and a bit hours doing so but have come away with a fab new pair of trail shoes, some nice new running socks (figured I could do with a new pair with all I out them through 😉 ) and potentially another new pair of trainers! I say potentially as they wanted me to try half a size up but didn’t have them in stock so I need to wait until Wednesday until they get them in…fingers crossed they’ll be perfect because I love them! In the past I’ve been told I’m a forefoot striker and also overpronate. Historically I always wore Asics and ones for overpronating and loved them. I then had my gait looked at again last summer and was told the same but that an overpronating shoe wouldn’t really help me because of my strike and it made sense so I moved onto a neutral Brooks shoe, which I do really like but as I do have trouble with my left hip particularly and also my other side I wanted to see have another opinion my gait and current trainers before I up the mileage  too much more in my half marathon training. My gait analysis today showed that I was a fore to midfoot striker and that in my Brooks trainers my knees and ankles still turn in and a lot more so on my left side which might cause me trouble when clocking up the miles. The assistant also asked me if I had any issues with hypermobility and I said a physio had mentioned I might have previously but not gone into any great depth. The guy today said they thought I might be in my knees and ankles and probably my hips too from the way I run, interesting! Anyway I tried on lots and lots of trainers until  my ankles and knees no longer turned in and have ended up with a lovely pair of Saucony’s  (if all goes to plan on Wednesday 🙂 ) The same was then done for the trail shoes and I have purchased a pair of Asics, I didn’t expect to be buying a pair with quite so much pink on but hey ho they do feel good and should make the parkruns a little easier 🙂

New purchases….Thanks Mum and Dad for the Christmas money which has now pretty much all gone!


Day 5 Stats:

7.25 miles in 1 hr, 14 mins and 7 seconds (Average pace: 09:16 mins/mile)

…. and lots more running on the treadmill when getting my new trainers 😉