Short and sweet post tonight, roll on Friday and the weekend that’s all I can say! 🙂

Today was certainly one of those days where I would not have gone out for a run had it not been for Janathon . It felt cold when I left work and I certainly didn’t fancy running outside, even with having new trianers (!) , I toyed with the idea of driving to the gym to run 2 miles on the treadmill but couldn’t really justify it. I knew I just had to get out and do it! Once I was out it wasn’t too bad to be fair, it’s just after a long day and you’re cold and tired you can find every reason not to go.  Today’s Janathon efforts consisted of another quick run round the block before a 1 hour Soca Skip class, to mix things up a bit I ran the opposite way round the block!

Day 9 Stats:

2.38 miles run in 20 minutes, 13 seconds (Average pace: 8:28 mins/mile)

1 hour Soca Skip class