Today I had arranged to go to the Wimpole parkrun with my friend Julie. I got up at 7:30 so should have had plenty of time but then I started doing jobs and was lucky to get there for 9! It was Wimpole parkrun’s 1st birthday and there seemed to be a pretty good turn out based on the car park. I went to pay for the parking but got told by a volunteer not to worry and do it on my way out along with a couple of others who were also running late. I then managed to drop one of my pound coins whilst trying to put it back in pocket for later, not a great start. I managed to find Julie and catch up briefly before the race started. It was a beautiful morning for a run, nice and crisp, just how I like it 🙂 Today was also the day I got to try out my new trail shoes 🙂 It was the muddiest parkrun yet for me I think! I definitely felt a lot better underfoot in my new trail shoes. They looked all sparkly and new to to begin with and finished up like this….


I really enjoyed today’s parkrun and as always there was a great crowd along with fantastic volunteers and marshals. I ran 5K miles in just under 28 minutes and managed not to fall (only just!). I stayed and had a coffee and a catch up with Julie after which was lovely during which there were more speeches and they even had a birthday cake to celebrate Wimpole’s 1st birthday! Today for me is a great Janathon day, I’m feeling good and really enjoying all the running (so far!) and that’s what it’s all about 🙂

Hope you’ve all enjoyed Janathon too today 🙂

Day 11 Stats:

3.10 miles run in 27 minutes, 44 seconds (Average pace: 8:57 mins/mile)