zzzzzz….so tired! This morning I really struggled to get up, think I turned the alarm off at least 3 times, felt like I could have slept all day so keeping it fairly brief tonight, hoping to catch up on some sleep.

I wasn’t able to go to my Reformer Pilates class on Saturday as it was fully booked which I was a little gutted about as I’m trying to go once a week but it all worked out well in the end I had a lovely coffee and chinwag with Julie instead 😉 My only real options for Pilates classes are 2 on  Saturday mornings, a Sunday morning class or Monday night so tonight it was. I figured I should try and do my run beforehand rather than after although didn’t much fancy it as I left work – it was cold and wet and I was tired and hungry. With a little Janathon determination I pulled my stuff on and got out the door – just a quick round the block to get back in time for Pilates. I had 3 layers on as I was feeling cold, unusual for me and a bad idea. I usually wear just a t-shirt and a running top round my waist. The are two things I hate when out running – gettting too hot and feeling like my running tights are falling down, both of which happened tonight, so I had to stop about 0.4 miles in and take off a couple of layers and pull my tights up! Tying my top round my waist seemed to stop my tights moving for the rest of the run and I was certainly not hot for the rest of the run either, all good 🙂 The last 0.7miles or so it started absolutely lashing down on me, I was soaking! I ran just over 2.3 miles and rushed in the house, grabbed my stuff for Pilates and headed off. Have to say I really enjoyed my Reformer Pilates Class tonight, think my hips and legs should feel the benefit too. I needed to head to Sainsburys for some veg and as the gym is just by it I thought I would finish off my evening with a swim and hot shower. I am such a wuss when I get in the pool, it takes me ages to dunk my head and get on with it – you wouldn’t think I did a triathlon last year! It was pretty busy tonight, must have been at least 15 other people in there with me which is very unusual, I’m often in there on my own which makes it feel like it’s my own private pool 😉  I swam 40 lengths and finished off with hot shower and then found out I’d forgotten my jeans so had to put my running tights back on 😦 I always seem to forget something! I had tired legs today but since the Pilates and swim I’m feeling a lot better…must remember that and make sure to schedule more of both in.

Day 13 Stats:

Ran 2.31 miles in 20 minutes, 06 seconds (Average pace: 8:42 mins/mile)

1hr Reformer Pilates

40 x 25m (0.62 miles) swim (breaststroke) in 26 mins