So here we are 2 weeks in! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight I had scheduled another 10K run with Stephen. Have to say on the way home I could have easily talked myself out of it if it was just me going on my own, tonight’s definitely colder than recent nights that’s for sure. I pulled my stuff on, and put my big warm fluffy coat on while I waited for him and cranked the heating up in the house, sticking my arm out the door occasionally to try and get my Garmin ready. ย He came by mine ~6:45 and we headed off, we chatted for probably about the first 5 minutes, there was a definite increase in pace tonight from Friday night so I just ran as it was certainly not conversational pace for me, just yet! Once we were out it turned out to be a perfect night for a run, don’t know why I’ve turned into such a wuss in cold temperatures – it’s what i prefer for a run, clearly need to man up! I ran 6.23 miles in 52 minutes tonight, compared to ~54 minutes on Friday so not too bad. Stephen sped off in the last 1K which was fine with me, we just met back at mine. Good run tonight and certainly wasn’t expecting it to be which makes it all the better ๐Ÿ™‚

So, totals so far over last 2 weeks:

54 miles running (including 3 parkruns :-))

0.62 miles swimmimg

2 x 1hr Reformer Pilates

2 x 1hr Soca Skip

Day 14 Stats:

6.23 miles run in 52 minutes (Average pace: 8:21 mins/mile)