Day 15 and I have a tired mind and body. Had a busy day at work and wanted to try and get a run in before Soca Skip at 7:30. Things didn’t go quite to plan, I was being a wuss again so decided to got the gym and go on the dreadmill instead of venturing out in the cold, big mistake! I had originally intended to just do around the block run tonight but tomorrow night might end up pretty busy so I swapped my 4mile from tomorrow with tonight’s round the block. 4 miles on the dreadmill…not the most exciting prospect! I was already running late getting to the gym only to get there and find none of the usual treadmillsI go on were free, never had that before, I had to go on one that only measures in kilometeres which was a right head mash for me as I always run in miles! I had no real idea what to set my pace at or how many kilometres I needed to do for 4 miles. I knew there was ~1.6 kilometres in a mile but trying to calculate it in my head whilst on the treadmill was not an easy task for me and my tired mind tonight, I’m usually very good at multi tasking but not tonight! Anyways, after all the faffing about and getting there a bit late to start with I had to stop at ~3.5K if I wanted to make it to Soca Skip. Decided I’d head back after and make the distance up then, hopefully on one of the normal treadmills I use. Soca Skip was great but again I was feeling the tiredness especially when the instructor, Fronzie, was getting us to skip on one leg for what seemed like an eternity before we got to change legs – my legs were not happy! I don’t mind skipping side to side, front to back, criss-crossed or even backwards but holding one leg up or doing 2 skips with one leg up and then changing always seems to be a killer. I headed back to the gym, to the dreadmill, to top up my run and had worked out I’d already done ~2.2 miles so just needed to do another 1.8 miles, however by the time I got on the dreadmill my tired head couldn’t remember if it was 2.1 or 2.2 I’d done so I did another 1.9 miles just to be sure, 0.1 more than I needed as it turned out, d’oh!

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow 😉

Day 15 Stats:

Ran 2.18 miles on the treadmill in 20 minutes (Average pace: 9:10/mile)

1hr Soca Skip

Ran 1.90 miles on the treadmill in 16 minutes, 25 seconds (Average pace: 8:38/mile)

4.08 miles run in total