Tonight I went to a training session put on for the Cambridge Half Marathon by the organisers One Step Beyond and sponsored by Saucony (I think). It started at 6:30 and didn’t finish until 10pm! It was very good though, free gait analysis, running session with Nick Anderson and then seminars from a physio from Progress, the race director, a rep from Saucony and Nick Anderson. You also got a techinal T-shirt and goody bag including some gels to try our before race day and an isotonic alcohol free beer amongst other things! I went to another one they out on in December as the sessions were only £10 and I figured in December and January I might need all the help I can get to be on track for the Cambridge half in March. I wasn’t sure if I’d need to go again to tonight’s after going in December so contacted the organisers and they said I could go before the seminars if I wanted but that it should all be useful. I had decided that I would go along for the running session and maybe leave after that, that way I could potentially get back in time, just, for Soca Skip at 7:30. I’d been pretty organised last night getting all my stuff ready, good job as today was the kind of day where I was forgetting anything and everything – I walked over to the coat hook in my office to get my coat only it was on the back of my chair, d’oh! I then left the office without my laptop, which some might say is a good thing. I finally got myself together and headed home, pulled on my stuff and headed out again to the session only to realise once I arrived and heard everyone elses watches beeping that I’d left my Garmin at home, arrghh! A friend from work was also there and told her she’d have to tell me how far we’d gone but she couldn’t get any signal and I didn’t want to sound like some crazed mileage obsessed runner asking someone else for the distance as it was only meant to be a training session (even though I wanted to 😉 ) so tonight’s running distance is only a guesstimate I’m afraid but I have tried to underestimate rather than overestimate. We had a 5-10 minutes warm-up run followed by 3 x 5minutes running at threshold pace with 1-2 minutes recovery between and finished with a 4-5 minutes warm-down run. Nick described threshold pace to us as faster than race day pace but you should still be able to say 3 or 4 words but not hold a conversation. I’m going to try and remember that as it worked quite well for me tonight. I reckon I probably clocked up ~2.5 miles in total during the session. By the time the session ended I decided I didn’t really have time to get to Soca Skip so had to sack it off tonight (trying to do too many things!) and decided to stay for the seminars which I was really glad I did. I did have a few minutes of thinking of what I could do instead to make up for not going to Soca Skip…I could do a quick 2 miles on the treadmill and then go for a swim on the way back, etc. etc. but then I thought no, I going to stay to the end of the training session and make the most of it and then call it a day so that’s what I did 🙂

Friday tomorrow, yay! 🙂

Day 16 Stats:

Threshold session – 5-10 minutes warm-up run followed by 3 x 5minutes running at threshold pace with 1-2 minutes recovery between and finished with a 4-5 minutes warm-down run (~2.5 miles in total)