I am one weary and very hungry bunny today! Made my first trip (s) to the vending machine for 2014 at work today, now that’s a habit I do not want to pick up…again! I booked myself into Reformer Pilates tonight starting at 6:30 and was hoping to go for a run with Julie afterwards but she got stuck working late in Norwich, boo hoo! 😦 I took the opportunity to take things easy and just do a 2 miler on the treadmill after Pilates as I know I have a couple of tougher runs planned for this week. I have to say I really am enjoying my Reformer Pilates class at the moment. Both this week and last week I have found it to have a really nice atmosphere as well as bing a great class. The lighting is nice, no bright lights, it’s a good temperature and I’ve found myself being able to completely switch off and just concentrate on my pilates and come away from it feeling in a really good headspace. After my run I would have usually thought about following it up with a swim, however after doing a sports wash yesterday, included in this was my swimming costume, I noticed a panel on the back  of the costume that goes straight up the middle of my back looking very thin, almost threadbare – I keep telling myself that the wash did something to it and that it wasn’t like that before, can’t really think about the possibility of that not being the case! 😉 Anyways, all my other swimmers are more for grazing by the poolside on holiday and not really that functional for proper swimming so needless to say no more swimming for me until I have a new costume!  

Day 20 Stats:

1 hr Reformer Pilates

2.10 miles run in 18 minutes, 12 seconds (Average pace: 8:39 /mile)