Today I was meant to run with Stephen, the guy I’ve run with a couple of times now that I met at the training session put on for the Cambridge half. I heard from him early eveining to say he wasn’t feeling up to it and was going to have to give it a miss, boo hoo – that’s my 2nd semi-planned run with someone cancelled in as many days, hope it’s not something I’ve said/done! Have to say I wasn’t too distraught as I had a bit of a long day at work and as it turns out didn’t come away until 8 and our plan had been to meet at 6:30. I had thought though that I would perhaps go to Fight Klub at 8 instead though and finish off with a run on the treadmill, that didn’t happen either with the way work turned out so just a short 2 miler on the treadmill in the end. I decided I’d shower at the gym as it might be warmer so I came home on the way and changed and packed my stuff for afterwards and noticed instead of socks I’d packed my slipper booty things (not very handy for pulling your trainers on over) and no trousers…again! But, I did realise before I’d left the house this time so I was able to pack some socks and jeans and off I went, feeling quite organised, still not really fancying a run though. 😉 Once I got there and put my stuff in a locker I realised the one quite important thing I’d forgotten – only my friging towel!! I had a moment of I’ll just have to go home instead whilst being quite annoyed at the effort I’d gone to to packing some of my stuff (obviously not enough effort however otherwise I wouldn’t have forgotten something!) and then I decided to ask at reception (I only have standard membership which doesn’t include supply of towels). I’m so glad I did – the girl on reception took pity on me and gave me a towel, and free of charge, normally they’re £1.50 🙂 After all that faffing I ran 2.10 miles on the treadmill, had originally planned a longer distance for tonight but after such a long day I decided to take it easy and save myself for later in the week. I should be feeling amazing tomorrow after the last 2 nights of short runs and taking things pretty easy…not quite sure that’ll be the case but it will be nice if it is 😉

Had another day of feeling like I could eat everything in site and did succumb to a 4 finger KitKat from the dreaded vending machine after eating a multitude of other things first, oh dear! Going to have to make sure I have no change in my purse from now on…

Day 21 Stats:

2.10 miles run on treadmill in 18 minutes and 12 seconds (Average pace: 8:39 /mile)