Today I wanted to try and make sure I left work on time as I wanted to try and go to the Sweaty Betty running club and then onto Soca Skip. The running club meets at 6:25 in town and Soca Skip starts at 7:30. I didn’t think before that I had enough time to do both so ending up not going to Sweaty Betty’s anymore but after Sunday’s run with the Sweaty Betty crowd I decided I’d see if it was feasible or not as I don’t really want to give either up!  It was difficult leaving work on time but in the end I just stopped what i was in the middle of and left…not so hard really, it will still be there waiting for me tomorrow! Traffic was full on and I had to get across town but by taking a few shortcuts and back streets I managed to get there with a couple of mins to spare. I met them at the big street light on Midsummer Common, some others meet at the shop – whatever’s easiest. We had a quick warm-up and run around and then did a pyramid session which consisted of 2 x 1minute running,  (1min recovery between) 2 x 2minutes running (2min recovery between) and 2 x 3 minutes running (3 min recovery between). I also ran to and from the car park to the session. We’d finished by around 7pm so I ran back to the car and headed home and then onto Soca Skip for 7:30, perfect! Have to say I really enjoyed the pyramid session, you give it your absoulte max but it feels great and I always find it easier to do any kind of interval training in an organised group than by myself so it works perfectly for me. It’s great to do as well while getting ready for my half so I’ll try and make sure I go every week from now on if I can. The best thing about it is it’s free! Sweaty Betty put on lots of different classes during the week, all free, for their customers which I think is pretty cool so if you have a Sweaty Betty’s near you you should take a look and see what’s on offer. Soca Skip was pretty hardcore tonight, I was dripping by the time the class was over but I loved it too – just giving it my all and knowing I could do no more, that’s a great feeling sometimes, all in all a good Janathon day 🙂

Realised I hadn’t done my week 3 round up last night, d’oh! So here it is plus a day….

So, totals so far over last 3 weeks (and a day):

80 miles running (including 4 parkruns :-))

1.09 miles swimmimg

3 x 1hr Reformer Pilates

4 x 1hr Soca Skip

Day 22 Stats:

2.62 miles run in total during pyramid session of 2 x 1minute, (2 x 1min recovery) 2 x 2minutes (2 x 2min recovery) and 2 x 3 minutes (1 x 3 min recovery), also running to and from car park to session and warm-up before pyramid session (times below).

1hr Soca Skip Class