Today my knee is definitely feeling better than it did yesterday but it’s certainly still not right. I had arranged to take this morning off as time off in lieu to do some of my tax return and also go into town to pick up tickets to see London Grammar this Saturday at the Corn Exchange (very excited πŸ™‚ !). I didn’t quite use the time as planned – I did pick up the tickets but didn’t do so much on my tax return, I rested a little longer in bed instead as it felt pretty comfortable for my knee and then had a hot soak when I got up – everything’s taking me a bit longer to do at the mo so it was good to have a bit of extra time this morning. I also made sure I pulled on my sensible hat and made the decision not to run today either, what could I do instead I asked myself? Decided Pilates was probably a bad idea too especially as it’s not cheap and if when i got there it turned out I couldn’t do half the moves it would be a complete waste of my time and money. Maybe a swim? I still needed to buy a new swimsuit though…I stopped by Sweatshop on my way into town and took a quick look, they only had a couple of options so I picked up this and in a size I hoped might fit, job done.










I tried out both front crawl and breaststroke to see how they flet on my knee, both were a bit uncomfortable but the front crawl a bit more so, so I opted for breaststroke and at a leisurely pace. I did 30 lengths (750m) in ~20 minutes and decided to call it a day at that and not overdo it. I had a lovely hot shower at the gym before arriving home to do 10 minutes hula hooping. I’ve not done managed to do any hula hoping since early December so it was good to do some tonight and OK on the knee which is the main thing! I thought I better try and include a picture of me actually doing it rather than just a pic of my hula hoop. Unfortunately my housemate wasn’t in tonight though so I tried my best to take a picture on my phone whilst also trying to hula hoop! πŸ™‚



I had wanted to run everyday as that’s what the ‘anathons are about for me but another thing that’s also important to me is to be able to keep running and take part in the Cambridge half in March so for once in my life I’m being sensible as much as it kills me to do so so to does the possibility of being out of action for the next 6 months/year or more if I ignore things now and try and run through them, been there, done that and it’s not fun. I did run 25 days consecutively, well actually 26 as I ran on NYE as well, and totalled 89.5 miles over those 25 days – had been hoping to do 124 over the 31 days which would =4miles/day, I would settle for a 100 miles now but we will have to see, might have to settle for 89.5 miles which ain’t so bad either πŸ™‚

Day 27 Stats:

30 x 25m breaststroke (0.47 miles) in ~20 mins

10 minutes hula hooping in my lounge (and didn’t break anything!)