So last night I starting thinking about what I could do today for the last day of Janathon and to somehow try and bring my totals to a round-ish number if possible. Also aware I’d not run since Saturday because of my knee I thought it would be nice if I could fit in a run for the last day. My running mileage stood at 89.5 miles and as daft as I can be I knew it wasn’t going to be a 10.5 mile run on the cards for today so what could I do instead…mmm, maybe my own mini triathlon in the gym? That way I could add up all my mileage rather than just my running and maybe hit 100 miles that way instead. I had it all planned, I would goto the gym before work, do a run on the treadmill, then go on the bike and finish off with a swim as we had drinks out after work tonight, then this morning came and I felt absolutely shattered and had a banging headache so the plan moved to this evening after work but before drinks, sorted!

Got to the gym and on the treadmill and my phone wouldn’t stop going off, having one or two issues with a tenant at the mo, won’t bore you with the details, but it made my run part of my mini triathlon very broken as I had to keep stop/starting. I eventually clocked up 4.06 miles and then moved onto the bike. Have to say the running felt good and my legs felt really good, surprisingly what a few days rest can do πŸ™‚ Again I struggled mentally on the bike as it was in Kilometres so had to think a bit but managed 4.81 miles in the end and then moved onto the pool. Aware I was very short on time and didn’t really have enough time to go for a swim I went anyway where I swam 30 lengths of a 25m pool – had the pool all to myself, it was bliss.

Mini triathlon done πŸ™‚

The legged it home, got ready and headed out for drinks, only an tiny bit late πŸ˜‰ Not a bad end to a Friday.

Not managed to run everyday as I’d hoped but been sensible for once in my life and listened to my niggles for a change, hoping it will pay off in Feb and March. Did manage to run 93.6 miles in 26 days though and managed to hit the 100 mile mark if I combine all my mileage so happy enough with that. Β For Janathon I started trying to do weekly parkruns, something I’m going to try and continue as I actually quite like them. I also managed a plank in my PJ’s, certainly not my best look! Β Even though I wasn’t able to run everyday I’ve still really enjoyed the experience as always and loved following peoples journeys with them. Thanks to those who have encouraged me along the way too, it means a lot πŸ™‚ No doubt we’ll all be back in June for more craziness πŸ™‚

Day 31 Stats:

Broken running…

1.30 miles in 11:22 (Av. pace: 8:42/mile)

0.42 miles 3:40 (Av. pace: 8:42/mile)

1.29 miles in 11:18 (Av. pace: 8:42/mile)

1.05 miles in 9:03 (Av. pace: 8:36/mile)

Total: 4.06 miles in 35 minutes and 23 seconds

4.81 miles cycled (in the gym) in 16 minutes

Swam 30 x 25m breaststroke (750m or 0.47 miles) in 18 minutes

Janathon totals:

93.6 miles running (26 out of 31 days)

(including 5 parkruns)

4.81 miles cycling in the gym

2.0 miles swimming

3 x 1hr Reformer Pilates

6 x 1hr Soca Skip

2 x 1hr Circuits class

40 minutes hula hooping

1 minute plank in PJ’s

Total miles:Β 100.4! πŸ™‚