So here we are again, day 1 of Juneathon! 🙂 So what have I been up to since Janathon in terms of sporting ventures?? Well I have completed 2 half marathons – the Baldock Beast in February which my friend Julie and I entered as a training run ahead of the Cambridge Half which was at the beginning of March. The Baldock Beast is as the name suggests – full of hills and a pretty tough half but one of the most beautiful and enjoyable ones I have done to date and then I ended up getting a PB in the Cambridge half – 1hr, 45 mins, 42 secs so I was pretty pleased with that. I’ve also been doing parkrun every week since Jan 1st until I hit injury in March. I manged to improve my parkrun time from 26:48 on Jan 1st to 23:48 on 22nd March (my last parkrun). I have been battling injury since Janathon where I started having trouble with my knee. I continued with my running past the Cambridge half before I couldn’t ignore things any longer and have been seeing a physio/acupuncturist for about the last 10 weeks for a hamstring injury. I continued with some short runs initially when I started seeing him but have virtually come to a stand still over the last month as not finding it much fun while still in pain.  As a result I also had to to cancel out of a 10K race, a 10 mile race and half marathon 😦 better to be safe than sorry and all that. I have also signed up for the Cambridge Triathlon in September – olympic distance so 1500m swim in the River Cam, 38K bike ride and 10K run to finish (starting to think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew this time!). I have been going to drop in swim sessions at the Elite Swimming Academy to improve my front crawl as I feel the swimming will be my weakest aspect. I have been to 5 sessions so far and I won’t lie – I certainly don’t look forward to going every week as they are pretty tough but they’re certainly worth it. So this is week 1 of my 16 week lead up to the Triathlon so I figure what could be better than doing Juneathon to kickstart me?! Don’t know quite what my strategy will be yet, will have to see how it pans out but there’ll definitely be some swimming, cycling and running going on plus some pilates and exercises from the physio along the way and whatever else I can fit in!

So to start off Juneathon I cycled to the gym for a run on the treadmill followed by a swim and then cycle home. I got these bad boys in the week so have been keen to try them out….

20140531_231151[1] 20140531_231200[1]










I saw them a few months ago and loved them but didn’t get them but they kept thinking about them since so I took the plunge and treated myself. I love Asics anyway and then when I looked further they have all these extra features making them great for triathlons – perfect! Have to say they didn’t disappoint, they’re really comfy and very lightweight and I definitely felt like I had a spring in my step. After not running properly for what feels like ages I had a fab run tonight – one where you just lose yourself and feel like you could run forever so a good start to Juneathon, long may it last! I ran a total of 4 miles in the end, couple of pitstops in the beginning where I had to sort out strapping my kneee properly but all good otherwise 🙂 I then swam 30 lengths front crawl in what was a very quiet pool – just how I like it! I cycled home after and my to and from trip to the gym totalled ~6 miles.

Feeling good so far and glad to be doing another ‘anathon, I had toyed with the idea of not doing it due to injury and generally a very busy month ahead but never one to resist a challenge!

Hope you all enjoy Juneathon 🙂

Day 1 Stats:

3.99 miles run on treadmill in 34 mins 54 secs (Av pace: ~8:45/mile)

6.10 miles cycled in 23 mins, 57 secs (Av pace~15mph)

750m front crawl (0.47 miles) swam in 18 minutes

20140601_210219[1] 20140601_205108[1] 20140601_212913[1]