It’s quickly turning into one of those weeks where you start off tired on the Monday and get more and more tired each morning so that by Friday you can’t thank Crunchie enough it’s Friday! Aah well, another day another dollar and all that.

Saw my physio after work so with a mix of physio and acupuncture he seems to have sorted me out for the next few days at least. He also gave me a shed load more exercises and told me about a few more things I don’t do correctly! I’m not seeing him next week, he’s pushed it out to the following week and the Β same for the next appt and then that’s it – no more physio 😦 I’ll also be getting some orthotics arriving in the next week or so also through my physio so I’m hopeful they’re going to have this absolutely amazing effect on me and make all the wrongs I do right – that or they should at the very least give me the correct support for each foot when I’m running which is a very good start πŸ™‚

I usually go to Fight Klub on a Tuesday night which I love, it’s a mix of lots of punching and kicking using a punch bag and circuit type stuff – push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, burpees, you name it we do it or that’s what it feels like! It’s tough and I’m usually dripping in sweat by the time we’re done but I kind of like that, feels like I’ve done something! I would highly recommend it as a good stress buster πŸ™‚ I then usually have a swim as I reckon it’s got to be good for my muscles after a class like that. Tonight as it’s Juneathon I also threw in a run on the treadmill first, ahead of my Fight Klub class (or that’s what I’d planned at least) and cycled to and from the gym (even though it was raining!). I didn’t have enough time for much of a run before the class as it went so I ran 1.15 miles beforehand and then another 2 miles after the class before my swim. A good end to a long day πŸ™‚

Day 3 Stats:

1.15 miles run on treadmill in Β 9 mins 54 secs (Av pace: 8:35/mile)

45 mins Fight Klub class

2.01 miles run on treadmill in 17 mins 21 secs (Av pace: 8:37/mile)

4.21 miles cycled in total (to and from gym) in 17 mins, 51 secs (Av pace~14.2mph)

750m front crawl (0.47 miles) swam in 20 minutes

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