Today was a tough one for a whole host of reasons but all mostly linked to the fact that we celebrated my brother-in-laws upcoming 40th last night. He had a joint party with another friend who’s also just turned 40. I arrived in Leam late afternoon to help my sister with some last minute prep and I was certainly kept busy 😉 My Mum looked after my sister’s kids for the night at my sisters with Dan (my brother-in-law) staying at a hotel for the night and Claire and I staying at Claire’s too. My eldest nephew, Caolan, who’s turned 3 in April, had 2 birthday parties to go to today – one at 10:30 and one at 2:30. Claire and I were scheduled to cover the a.m. one and either Dan or my parents the one on the p.m.  The 40th party started at 8pm, we arrived ~8:30 and it finished ~3am. The party was a whole lot of fun – lots of good friends there to catch up with, great music, lots of dancing and lots of trays of shots coming out…  left just before 3am and I got up ~7:30 and it’ s feels a bit like it’s been non-stop since! Didn’t feel as bad as perhaps I could have done but did have very sore tootsies, even struggled with the last few steps home last night as the balls of my feets felt like they were on fire…that’ll teach me 😦 Had thought the party in the a.m. was at a soft play place so figured we could chill once we got there and have a coffee, boy were we wrong about that! It was at Hatton Country World and inovolved lots and lots of running around from Claire and I, mainly as we went from one activity to the next and trying to make sure we stayed with the group. They got to look at lots of different animals, go on bouncy castles and slides and a whole host of little ammusment rides. It probably did us good though and there were a good few comedy moments along the way. Had dinner with my parents and Claire and Dan Got before heading back to Cambridge, got back not long before 11pm and still hadn’t done any offfcial Juneathoning so headed out for a 1 miler and scared the s*** out of myself so won’t be doing that again in a while! It was pretty dark, very few people around and just the odd car (as you might expect at that time of night) so felt a little vulnerable and then this motorcyclist came by and really slowed down and stopped just a little ahead of me and turned round, I kept running and a little while later it looked like they were coming back so I immediately ran into the nearest driveway that still had lights on downstairs as if I lived there and hung around for a bit until they were gone. I did notice the nieghbour’s twitching at their cutains upstairs while I was standing around on the drive below – they must have thought I was a right loon! Anway’s I made a mad dash for it and got back safely, probably nothing to worry about but you can never be too sure.  Another Juneathon day done and I live to tell the tale! 😉 I’ll leave you with a little pic of Caolan on the ladybird cars looking very pleased with himself 🙂

Day 8 Stats:

Lots of running around after kids all day and taking turns in carrying a car seat around Hatton Country World (which weigh a ton I might add!)

1 miles run in 9 minutes  (Av pace: 8:58/mile)