It’ll be no great surprise to hear that I’m a little tired today or that I overslept – I only woke as I heard my housemate get up and luckily she was in extra early today so it meant I still made it in for 9am 🙂  I remembered as I was getting ready that I’d signed a workmate and myself up to go on a walk and talk session from 12-1pm with Iain Webb from The Wildlife Trust to find out what birds we have in the woodlands on Granta Park (the place we work) so I made sure I put some outdoor shoes in the car. I knew I had a busy day ahead and my feet were still a tad sore from Saturday so I wasn’t sure it was the best idea but we ended up really enjoying it – the guide Iain really seemed to know his stuff and it was nice to get out of the office and explore some of the woodland on the park – some of which I’d not really been aware of before today. The bird species we heard and/or saw today included:

House Martin
Green Woodpecker
Lesser Black Backed Gull
Black Cap
Stock Dove
Blue Tit
Long Tail Tit
Song Thrush
Gold Finch
Pied Wagtail
Canada Goose
Green Finch

We also spotted two cinnabar moths.

As I expected I might, I ended up working late so didn’t make badminton tonight but pretty knackered anyway so maybe it’s not the worst thing. Instead I thought I might cycle to the gym and run on the treadmill before going for a quick swim (30 lengths or so) and then head home to bed (after a yummy dinner of course!) However, this grand plan quickly reduced to just a short run on the treadmill – it was raining as I drove home which ruled out the cycling option and by the time I got to the gym i had very limited time for the run let alone anything else plus feeling very much in really can’t be arsed mode today – hope it dissapears after some good sleep tonight! Today was certainly one of those days that if it hadn’t been for Juneathon by the time I’d finished work I certainly would not have gone for a run. I started my run at 22:20 on the treadmill, a little earlier than last night granted, and clocked up 2.6 miles in just under 23 minutes before I had to give up and get out so they could close the gym! Here’s hoping for a better Juneathon effort tomorrow 🙂

Day 9 Stats:

Ran 2.6 miles on the treadmill in 22 mins, 56 secs (Av. pace: 8:48/mile)

2014-06-09 22.41.01