Is it Friday yet?!

Today’s Juneathon effort consisted of cycling to and from swimming and to and from the gym, a  front crawl swimming session for ~1hr and a 5k run on the treadmill at the gym. Wasn’t sure at one point if I was going to make any of them or if I did if I would have to go back to work after, luckily with some help I managed to get the critical stuff done and got out, was still tight on time (but isn’t that always the case with me is what i’m starting to realise!) but made it with a couple of mins to spare. Was so glad I cycled – the traffic was horrifico trying to get across town plus the weather was gorgeous again today so nice to see a bit of it as had been in the office/lab pretty much the rest of it. Swimming was a toughie, he had us doing the following…

300m warm-up

300m front crawl, 200m with pull buoy (just using arms), 100m with arms out in front and just using legs

12 x 50m (aiming for 1 min per set)

400m with the 1st of each set of 100m as a sprint as the other 3 normal (completed 10 lengths worth)

It’s a front crawl drop in session so all the above was front crawl and then to finish 2 lengths (50m) breaststroke to cool down

I love swimming with the pull buoy, could do it all day, not so much the just using legs one – it absolutely does me in and I had to do 4 lengths of it! It’s all good though (especially once you’ve finished ;-)), I’ve been to 7 sessions now and am definitely a lot better than when I started and the drills he does with us I just wouldn’t do on my own or certainly wouldn’t be as strict with myself if it was up to me. Quite enjoyed my 5K on the treadmill, it was lovely and cool in the gym and extremely quiet – due to the footie I’m guessing and no interruptions tonight so a happy me!

Very busy lab day for me tomorrow – 7 of my bioreactors are coming down tomorrow and I have samples to prepare right, left and centre and need to make sure I leave on time as off to see Suede at Thetford Forest in the evening…eek! And where will my Juneathon activity fit into this? Ummm, haven’t quite decided on that one yet! 😉

Day 12 Stats: 

Cycled a total of 9.47 miles toing and froing from place to place (Av pace:~13.8mph)

Swam a total of 1800m (72 lengths)  = 1.12 miles

Ran 3.10 miles on treadmill in 26 mins, 44 secs (Av pace: 8:37/mile)

2014-06-12 21.12.55