So today was a pretty big day for us – it was Father’s Day and it was also Dan’s 40th birthday (my brother in law). He had a party last weekend to celebrate but today he invited us all (his side and our side) to a big Sunday lunch together and had hired out the top floor of their local pub for the occassion. I think there were 13 of us in total and in that 4 Dad’s – our Dad, Dan and Nina’s Dad, Dan and Steve (Nina’s husband). It was a really lovely meal and day spent all together šŸ™‚

It meant I was back in Leamington again and still had to get back tonight. I had thought I would pop by the gym when I got back, would have to pop home first as didn’t have any gym stuff with me but as things turned out this plan didn’t come off as my parent’s broadband seems to have gone on the blink, had to post from my mobile last night so apologies for the quality! As a result I spent some time tonight trying to fix it and with no luck had to ring technical services about it. Over an hour later and still no internet and the best they could offer was an engineer to come out to look at the fault on 25th June! It meant I couldn’t get the problem fixed for my parents which I felt pretty bad about and that I was going to be back later than planned. I finally got back to Cambridge just after 22:30 and had resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to make the gym (it closes at 11) so ummed and aahed about running outside late at night. I figured I would go for it as there had still been quite a few people about on my way back and it was half an hour earlier than weeks run so it would all hopefully be OK. Sunday seems to have turned into my token gesture day Juneathon-wise šŸ˜‰ I kept the run to a mile and tried to just stay in the better lit areas plus close to houses still with light’s on…just in case! Amazing what a bit of fear can do for you – had an average pace of 7:46/mile! Shame it was so late as felt like I could have run on in different circumstances…aah well, will just have to make up for it tomorrow šŸ™‚

Day 15 Stats:

1 mile run outside in 7 mins, 49 secs (Av. pace: 7:46/mile)