Today felt like a typical Monday – a million things to do and not enough time to do them. It also felt bloomin freezing in the office and labs today, so much so that I had goosebumps all day, hate feeling like that. Wasn’t out of the office all day but did notice when I had chance to glance outside that it was raining – that was not in the weather forecast when I looked last night, maybe I wouldn’t be cycling later…

Managed to get away in time to get to badminton this week, rain seemed to have eased off by this point so I even managed to pop home first to pick up my bike to cycle there and back as it’s only ~ 1 mile away plus it can be a right nightmare trying to park at the sports centre sometimes. Even though it might not have been raining it was extremely windy, gale force level I reckon! I hadn’t accounted for this so found the journey there pretty tough. Badminton is a 2 hour session and you probably get anywhere between 4-6 games per hour and with a whole variety of people. Enjoyed it as always, had some good games and some not so good games but that’s how it goes isn’t it. It was roast-io in the sports hall and I ended up pretty much drinking my whole drink bottle which isn’t something I usually do, obviously needed it though. I cycled back, picked up the rest of my gym kit and cycled on to the gym. Planned to do a run on the treadmill and then finish off with a swim in the pool before cycling back. Run was in 2 parts tonight – mainly due to drinking too much during badminton! Ran 3.6 miles in total and swam 50 lengths – pretty much had the pool completely to myself and really enjoyed my swim so thought i’d make the most of it while I had the chance. Nice cycle home – found it quite refreshing and the roads quiet plus the wind seemed to have eased slightly which made things easier.

Past the halfway point now….not crashed and burned…yet! 😉 Fingers crossed the 2nd half will go similarly to the 1st half and not in a downward spiral as it very much has the potential to!

Day 16 Stats:

2hrs Badminton

Cycled a total of 10.26 miles toing and froing from badminton and the gym (Av. speed: 14.1 mph)

Ran 1.69 miles on the treadmill in 14 mins, 32 secs (Av. pace: 8:35/mile)

Ran 1.91 miles on the treadmill in 16 mins, 11 secs (Av. pace: 8:28/mile)

Swam 50 lengths (1250m or 0.78 miles) in 30 minutes

2014-06-16 21.08.49 2014-06-16 21.29.47