Short one tonight as it’s late and I’m bushed….zzzz

Saw physio tonight, orthotics had arrived and fit my running shoes perfectly – will let you know how I get on with them, have got to wear them in first apparently.

Cycled to and from gym, gorgeous day in comparison to yesterday but still very windy – not good for tired legs.  Went to Fight Klub from 8-8:45 – pretty intense session, came away with red knuckles even though we wear gloves 😉 Then ran 5K on the treadmill, didn’t find this too bad although I did have to fight the desire to stop for quite a lot of it, just get that notion in my head sometimes even if the run itself is fine and then that’s all I can think about, all quite bizarre! I finished off with a 32 length swim which consisted of 15 lengths ‘normal’ front crawl, 10 lengths using a pull buoy (so no leg action), and then a mix of no arms or no legs for the remaining 5 lengths and then did 2 lengths breaststoke as a cool down. Did this as won’t be able to make my Thursday swimming session this week so need to incorporate some drills into my swimming to make up for it. Have to say felt like I was swimming through treacle for a lot of it though, the burn in my arms was immense – probably due to Fight Klub but also perhaps swimming and badminton last night too, oh dear!

Day 17 Stats:

Cycled a total of 5.35 miles (Av. speed: 13.4mph)

45 mins Fight Klub

Ran 3.10 miles on treadmill in  26 mins, 30 secs (Av. pace: 8:32/mile)

Swam 32 lengths (800m or 0.5 miles) in 22 mins

2014-06-17 21.17.24