So today was an early start for me…I was going to see Eels at the Corn Exchange in the evening so I knew if I wanted to get any Juneathoning in it would have to be first thing. Got up just after 6, had planned to cycle to the gym but the light drizzle was enough to put me off and I shamefully drove to the gym. Started my run just before 6:45, my limbs were still tired – was glad I didn’t cycle, otherwise the run might have been beyond me! Have to say though I quite like the atmosphere in the gym first thing and so far it’s not been too busy and the music playing is usually pretty good to run to at this time in the day. It was Kasabian and Eez-Eh that kickstarted me at ~1.7 miles in and was just what I needed today. I managed 3.10 miles before I had to call it a day and get ready for work.

I arranged the Eels gig through our sports and social group at work as if you’re a member you get 50% off the price, work pays the difference so it’s well worth it. There were 16 of us in total from work plus my housemate Sarah and her boyfriend Andy (who had got tickets separately). By the time I finished work the weather had much improved since the morning so I cycled in from home and met up with Sarah and Andy beforehand and we had a quick bite to eat and headed to The Pint Shop to meet some others and grab a drink before the gig. The gig was a seated gig and I had got everyone tickets in the 1st tier which (in my opinion) worked very well (luckily!). It felt really near, could see everything really well….perfect 🙂 The gig was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it….not what I expected at all…completely blew me away 🙂 Cycled back after with Sarah and Andy and now getting ready for another busy day ahead.

All in all a pretty good day 🙂

Day 18 Stats:

Ran 3.10 miles in 26 mins, 41 secs (Av. pace: 8:36/mile)

Cycled a total of 4.79 miles in 24 mins, 24 secs (Av. speed: 12.1 mph)

2014-06-18 07.11.18