Today it’s my sister’s birthday, 2 friends’ birthdays and a friend’s son’s birthday – a popular day clearly! A very Happy Birthday to you all 🙂 xxx

bday22Had planned to cycle to and from badminton and then the gym but on my drive home the heavens opened and I got soaked just dashing in from the car to the house so decided it might be a bad idea…I then heard and saw thunder and lightning which made it a definite no no for me!

Badminton was 6-8 pm, it was absolutely sweltering in the badminton hall – I reckon I must have sweated off at least half a stone in the 2hrs I was there. There were fewer of us there than usual which meant little resting and a lot more continuous playing. 6 of my 10 games got to either a 20 or 21 all so 2 extra points had to be won by either side to win, this also meant for a lot more physical exertion which didn’t help with the heat thing but I have to say I really enjoyed it and got to play with a couple of people I hadn’t played with before either. I decided to wear my orthotics for badminton after having worn them in a bit walking with them on. Not sure if it was a good or bad idea – could definitely feel my hamstring and and also ball of my left foot and left big toe, seems to all be linked somehow. I didn’t wear them for my run on the treadmill, thought I’d leave that for another night. I picked well on treadmills tonight – purely by chance. I ended up going on one next to a guy who seemed to be going a similar pace and ran for 2.90 of my 3.75 mile run – it was just what I needed – for me it’s almost like running with someone but just without the talking and it keeps me going a lot better than on my own! I wonder if it’s like that for other people or just me?! I hope he didn’t mind…he kept running so maybe he found it helpful too or at least not a massive putter offer I hope. I almost feel like turning round and saying ‘Thanks, good run’ when these situations occur but don’t worry I won’t – they certainly might think i’m a bit wierd then!! I finished off with a swim which was another great one tonight, only 2 other people in there with me and I did 40 lengths front crawl and then 5 lenghts breaststroke to cool down and tonight I actually felt like I preferred doing the front crawl to the breaststroke – never thought I’d hear myself saying that, breaststroke is usually my favourite stroke!  Maybe I’m starting to get somewhere with my front crawl…who knows….stranger things could happen! 😉 Always like going for a swim when things are aching a bit – certainly feel better for it.

Day 23 Stats:

2 hrs Badminton

Ran 3.75 miles on the treadmill in 32 minutes, 14 secs (Av. pace: 8:35/mile)

Swam 45 lengths (40 front crawl, 5 breaststroke)(1125m or 0.70 miles) in 27 mins

2014-06-23 21.14.08