Today was so not a good day. I’d had a terrible night’s sleep after being woken in the night having really hurt my right thumb. I’ve still no real idea what happened apart the fact that I think I was lying face down in my bed prior to the event and either due to a dream or reacting to a noise in the house I lept up in bed and came back down vertically on my thumb and heard it make a noise like when people crack their knuckles (I hate that noise by the way!) and then was in immense pain, understandably. The pain was so bad it made me feel physically sick. My housemate not long after got up to go to the toilet so I wasn’t sure if maybe her stirring had woken me initially or if perhaps I might have yelped out and woken her up once the deed was done…still no clearer, she has no recollection of what woke her either! I struggled to settle after this and to ease the pain, I was able to move it so I knew I hadn’t broken it but boy did it hurt. Managed to get some sleep but have struggled with everything today – doing my jeans up, putting my socks on, turning the key in the ignition et. etc. If it was my left hand it wouldn’t have been so bad and the worst thing is I feel like such an idiot as I don’t even know really how it happened. I also work in a lab so a lot of whatI do was extra hard today especially things like pipetting and and I had to ask for help with some of my stuff, something I hate having to do 😦 I had been adamant that I was still going to go swimming/run and cycle to them until ~5pm when I thought who am I trying to kid, I’m not even sure I could get my swimming costume on at the mo without help! I popped into a pharmacy to get their opinion on what to do as  had everyone on at me to go see someone and they say it’s probably a tendon issue but unlikely to be a break and lots of ice and rest and gave me some voltarol gel to use. I got home and did a 1 miler as a token gesture in the end only ‘cos it’s Juneathon…hoping after some good rest tonight normal service will resume tomorrow, think it’s only so sore today after the shock of jarring it…or something like that.

Day 26 Stats:

1 very sore right thumb 😦

Ran 1.10 miles in 9 mins, 42 secs (Av. pace: 8:47/mile)