janathonbannerSo what is Janathon I hear you say and what are the rules?…

  • Run or do some form of exercise every day.
  • Blog/tweet/tell the Janathon Facebook page about it within 24 hours.
  • Join the Janathon group at the Running Free website and log your runs/exericse.
  • Visit other blogs, follow other Janathon participants on Twitter and leave comments giving your support.

I started taking part in 2011 and, there’s also a Juneathon which I also do when I can and the body allows, both are great to be part of although Janathon is my favourite as it’s a such a great way to kick start the New Year.

So, what do I hope to do for Janathon?

  • GET FIT!!
  • Run everyday (body allowing)
  • Do parkrun every Saturday
  • Do the 30 day squat challenge
  • Do the 30 day lunge challenge
  • Do the 30 day wall sit challenge
  • Get back into swimming and cycling
  • Get back to my gym classes
  • Try and read as many Janathoners blogs as I can as that’s half the fun plus they can be so inspiring and definitely motivate you to get off your bum and run when you’re perhaps finding anything else to do other than run!

Squat challenge Lunges challenge Wall sit challenge_n

I have decided to attempt all 3 challenges as they should help with strengthening work I have to do. My Physio is away until ~24/26th Jan so I’d like to make a real difference by then if I can, hopefully I’m not taking on too much…if so I’ll just have to replan!

So I knew today was going to be bad, I’ve not run since 20th October and today I decided I was going to give Leamington parkrun a go. The plan had been to try a couple of runs before New Years Day to ease myself back in gently but then as time passsed and the runs weren’t happening I thought I would save my energies for today.  I first did Leamington parkrun last New Years day and found it a toughie then too but have to say worse today for sure and my time confirms that –  last New Year’s Day I did it in 26:48 and today on my Garmin I came in at 28:15 with my best time being 23:48 on this course during 2014…eek…long way to go me thinks but hey you’ve got to start somewhere right and at least this way I get chance to (hopefully) see some big improvements week on week. In all honesty I had planned to take this one slowly as wasn’t sure how my knee would be as I’ve been having physio on it since October after twisting it falling on it. It felt weak that’s for sure but definitely something I can build on I think so that’s a great feeling. My lungs however were terrible, my fitness level felt like it was at a big fat 0 and I’d even go as far as to go into minus figures if I could. I had considered wearing my pink running top, boy I’m so glad I decided against it with my beetroot face after the run!! It was a very squelchy, muddy run with quite a wind but pretty mild otherwise. It has a pretty big hill about half way in and I have to say I did give in and walk some of the hill today…not something I’ve done before and hopefully won’t be doing again in Janathon! All in all though a great turn out and atmosphere as always at Leamington parkrun…definitely one of my favourites 🙂

I then got back and tackled day 1 of the 3 challenges – 50 squats, 10 lunges and 10 seconds wall sit….boy they weren’t easy either, I was huffing and puffing all over the shop! Oh well, day 1 done 🙂

Happy New Year all! Here’s hoping 2015 turns out to be a great one (and injury-free :-))

Day 1 Stats:

  • Leamington parkrun – 3.10 miles in 28:15 (Av. pace: 9:06 mins/mile)
  • 50 squats
  • 10 20 lunges
  • 10 seconds wall sit